Digital Economy

Digital transformation already has a great presence in our daily activities. It has affected the way we communicate and retrieve information.

This article focuses on how Digital transformation relate to your business and the opportunities it presents.


For instance, you have a pastry business, which has grown over the years through word of mouth in your city. However, you are yet to have any digital presence and you are willing to explore ways to make more people know about your business.
  • How going online can help your Pastry business succeed

One of the main benefits of going online is the visibility through search. For instance, when people go online and search for cakes, macarons around your city, your business will be visible and appears in the search result.

  • How can this benefit your business?

The benefit of your site appearing on search results is significant. Potential customers can view your offerings, watch videos on how you make your goods. Hence, they see your expertise, the prices of your products, your business info, and fill any available form to request for quotes. Furthermore, they can connect with your social media sites where they can get more information on your offerings and also read happy customer testimonials.

Your online presence can also allow you to show targeted digital advertising to your potential customers. For example, people searching for wedding cakes, or birthday cakes within your city .

Using the power of analytics tools you can also find out who visited your site, how much time they spend and what they are interested in.

How to get started.

The main challenges for many business is how to get started on having an online presence. The below will guide you in learning the few steps to consider towards going digital.

Technology and Content: Decide if you will handle the technical and creative aspects of the site yourself—, which may take more time—or get help, which may cost more money.

Cost and Time

Set a realistic budget and an achievable schedule with clear milestones—and commit fully to both.
Every day, thousands of small business owners are making the web work for them. The opportunity to reach customers anywhere from around the corner to the other side of the globe is too big to ignore.


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